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miseve2002D started this conversation
I'm a caring woman living in a rural area. We have several disabled and low income. I currently got Blessed with a job that's making more money then what I get around working in Area , but I've got to stay outta town a lot cause it's 108 miles one way. This is basically just helping my family come outta of a being in such a poverty level. Now I'm trying to help a friend of mine in which we help many ppl. that are unable to do things due to age--heath etc., I'm looking for help for a woman that is 60 years old disabled , widowed , has a low income. Her house is literally caving ( her roof is caved in , plumbing doesn't . several different problems). work in on here and recently discovered it is infested with bed bugs. Actually threw course of helping her our house came down with bed bugs but we are treating them and not infested. We currently placed her in our house cause her house is not livable. We are looking for assistance to repair her house are replace it with something she can live in.
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I've lived in TX & there's not much help there. We lived in public housing in a small town & where I live now in PA is a dump as bad as u r saying, but no bugs & good floors. Can a trailer trailer go there?
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In PA they have Area On Aging, Rent Rebate Program & Community Action helps w/transportation. There's Lutheran Ministries in many states also. They help slit & United Way. Maybe Habitat For Humanity? Very glad she's no longer around the bed bugs. My friend had them & while visiting I had a bad allergic reaction & had 2 go 2 hospital! I believe they had something to do w/him getting sicker & passing. My best advice is open your phone book & start calling all the charuties. Of course they will say they r broke, but it's all u can do. Best of luck.
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